Reasons Men Are Scared Of Independent Women

When you try to find a woman on an online dating site, you will find many independent single women. For centuries men were used to being the sole providers of the family. In fact, society demanded this if men despite if they wanted to take on such responsibility or not. However, through time women have always wanted to be independent. Women’s rights have allowed women to take on similar roles to men, especially in the professional field. This means that now women don’t have to rely only on their partner to take care of them. However, some men still feel threatened by women who can take care of themselves as it might give the impression that the man is not needed.

9 Main Reasons Men Are Scared of Independent Women

Independent women are seen as a threat and even frowned upon in some societies. So why don’t men want to find a woman online who is ok independent?

  1. Culture

As mentioned above, society plays are a huge impact on the roles given to each person in a relationship. Men are supposed to be the providers and women caretakers. So if a woman starts providing it becomes a problem. It’s like things change and change is usually a hard-fought thing. Many people have a difficult time accepting that a woman can do more than just cook or take care of children. If a woman is independent, there is fear that she might not be able to take care of the home and children as she would if she was not independent.

  • Financial stability

Even though there is still q huge financial gap between the payroll of men and women, men don’t want to date an independent woman, especially one that earns more than the man. Again it goes down to society. If a woman is the one providing then what is the man doing? This pressure applied to the man by society makes him not want to be with a woman who is independent especially if she of a higher financial status.

  • Male Ego

There’s nothing that quite says a man like ego. Men have a stronger ego than women without a doubt. A man’s ego tells him he should earn more than a woman. If she earns more it may make him feel like he is doing less and even incapable. The worst thing is when a woman offers to help. That’s why he would like to pay for most things and not the other way round. Some men looking for women on an online dating service try to avoid dating independent women.

  • Insecurity

To some extent every person wants to feel important, as though they are needed. It makes one want to do more, almost gives some kind of purpose. Some men feel that an independent woman may not need them. For such a woman, she doesn’t need you to survive. She can have fun with you and can leave whenever she wants. Some men feel like such women may not need the man. She can build herself and she’s in control, not the other way round.

  • Fear of the woman leaving

She has her own money, house, and cash! Yes, it means she can leave whenever she wants. For many years women couldn’t leave a spouse because they did not know where to go. Not having any property or financial stability meant staying in a relationship even if the woman doesn’t want. Now imagine dating an independent single woman. You guessed it! For such a woman, money is not a problem. The fear that she can leave at any time is another reason men just don’t want to date independent women.

  • Hard to get

In this age of modern dating with the help of online dating service, both men and women play hard to get. This is what is exciting for some as it keeps the passion strong. Independent women are just hard to get without trying. Some men will never approach an independent woman even if they are attracted to her. They feel intimidated and like she would never accept to have a relationship with them. So why approach her in the first place.

  • You are not first

An independent woman is courageous, she’s not scared of being alone. She is not scared of being adventurous. She puts herself first. Although she wants to be with you, she is not scared of you to leave. Also, she puts herself first, her career, her health, and happiness are of utmost importance. You are not her priority. This is scary for men.

  • Jealousy

While some men are reviled with the idea of an independent woman, others are not. Research has shown that some men find independent women very attractive. So when a man dates an independent woman, he feels like all eyes are on her. He may then become too protective of her.

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