Guys and Their Moms: How to Deal With Them

After meeting on a dating site, you have started a long-term relationship with a single man you adore. But then you start having a problem with his mom. Ladies, you know his mom can be annoying. It’s annoying to put up with your boyfriend’s mother especially if he is a mama’s boy. In truth, no one wants to be in a relationship with a man whose mother always intrudes in his private life. This can really affect your dating life.

How Can Be Annoying Boyfriend’s Mom?

So, what are some of the ways in which a guys mother can be annoying?

  • You will never be good enough for her son – no matter how good you are, some mother’s believe you can’t treat them well enough. She knows her son better than you and there’s no way in the world you would know how to make him happy. The fact that you met on an online dating site makes her less convinced that her son will be happy.
  • You are a threat to her – some mother’s, especially single mothers who solely raised their son are very protective. For them, they feel like a woman is a threat to the relationship with her son. So no matter how good you are she just doesn’t want you to be with her son. She is scared that you will take her son away and spoil the relationship she has with him.
  • She just doesn’t like you – forget about fears of being torn away from her son or not being compatible. In such cases, there is no way in the world you could please her. She might look for the smallest mistakes that you make. Her goal might be to even separate you from her son. She may also be skeptical about using a dating service or online dating. In some cultures, she is the one who should find a woman for her son.
  • Changing attitude – as a spouse, you have a lot of influence on your man. Some men change once they start dating a woman. This change is perceived as a negative thing by family. This usually means the man will not spend as much time or take as much care as they used to before. If you are perceived as a threat, then the next goal is to get rid of u.

Tips on How To Deal With Your Man’s Mom

To some extent, you don’t really have power over whether your boyfriend’s mom has an attitude towards you. While you can try to please her, just how far can you go? What if you try and it’s not effective? Of course, it’s worth trying but let’s face it some people just don’t want to compromise. So this is what you should do when your man’s mother is giving you a hard time.

Be friendly

Even though she is mean to you try to be the bigger person. Give her some time to change. You can even sit down and talk to her about her attitude especially how it affects you and the relationship with her son. If this doesn’t work you can always take consolation knowing you tried.

You can’t make someone like you

Of course, you want to have a good relationship with his mother. But honestly, there’s not much you can do sometimes. It’s best to accept that she may never like you. There’s no need for you to try to please someone who doesn’t even see that you are trying. Once you do this you can move on. Instead, focus on your man. If he loves you, then it’s the most important thing.

Don’t tattle tale

Yes, she might do some very annoying things. Whenever she does your first instinct is to tell your man about what she did. While some situations require you to discuss with your boyfriend about his mother’s behavior, it can be uncalled for sometimes.

Spend less time together

Make an effort to spend less time with your partner’s mother of she gives you a hard time. Make phone calls short and to the point. Also don’t visit for a long time, instead of staying for a week you can stay for 3 days.

Talk to your partner

Speak to your partner about how you feel about his mother. It’s not something that’s easy to say especially if he really adores his mom. But if your relationship should continue, he has to realize that his mother’s attitude is affecting you. Also set boundaries where necessary.

Keep your cool

While his mother may be rude to you and say hurtful things sometimes always stay calm. Staying calm allows you to maintain some level of control and prevents you from reducing yourself to her level. Always be confident with yourself so that she can take you seriously. Be respectful to your partners other no matter how disrespectful she may be.

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